Sunday, March 2, 2014


Something beyond my control that happened on February 25th 2014 is causing me to make some changes tied to how I post things online., the review site I have been a member of for almost thirteen years, is no longer allowing members to post reviews, rate reviews, edit, or even delete reviews.  Members will no longer be able to log on after March 25. 

The site had problems over the years, but I remained optimistic that things would get better, or at least, not get any worse.  I really didn’t think they would close up completely like this.  I guess that makes me a bit gullible.  The site has been a huge part of my life for these almost thirteen years and I feel like something is missing.  I truly love writing about books, movies, and television shows.  Now that Epinions is no more, I have been thinking on how I would continue to write about those things.

Last year, I joined another site, Bubblews as MarieDragonfire.  People can post about anything there and some people say they have made a lot of money there.  I posted different things there last year, though mostly still connected to books, movies, or tv shows in some way.  Other things happened to sort of suck my motivation for writing in general for a while.  In the last few days, I have started to post there again. 

I have decided that I will post here about movies more again.  I am thinking that some of what I post will be like the reviews I posted at Epinions - and I may even rework reviews that were originally posted there.  I think I will also post some other things that may just be me talking briefly about upcoming movies or things like that.  I have also decided to start another blog just for writing about books, Purple Dragon Books.  I may make one for television shows as well, once I think up another name.  I will leave the posts about books that I did previously here.

I still think about writing and posting about books, movies, and tv shows all the time.  Hopefully, I can post more actively this year between my blogs and Bubblews than I managed to do last year.