Saturday, March 5, 2011

The King's Speech

I became interested in seeing The King’s Speech after seeing some of the previews for the movie.  Unfortunately, it did take a while before the movie came to the theater here.  It wasn’t here that long, so I’m glad that I was able to see it.

The King’s Speech is focused on how King George VI of England managed to deal with a stutter and be able to make speeches on the radio during World War II.  As the second son, he only became king when his older brother, Edward VIII, abdicated the throne to marry a twice divorced American woman.  I remember learning about Edward VIII abdicating, but I don’t remember learning that much about King George VI.  I found the movie to be very interesting and entertaining, though I know some people who thought it was boring.  It isn’t going to appeal to everyone.

The King’s Speech is serious for the most part, though there are moments of humor in it as well.  Some of the sessions with Lionel Logue, the speech therapist, are shown.  Lionel uses some unique methods to try to help his patients.  One of the funnier moments has the then Prince Albert swearing after it is discovered that he doesn’t stutter when angry or swearing.  He uses one particular word several times in a very short time.  The use of that particular word is why the movie was rated R.  I didn’t think the word was offensive with how it was used, but some people may disagree.  I’ve heard that an edited version of the movie has been released with a PG-13 rating.

The cast for The King’s Speech is wonderful, especially Colin Firth.  He does an amazing job with the part of King George VI.  He definitely deserved all the awards he’s won for the part.  Helena Bonham Carter does very well as Queen Elizabeth, George VI’s wife.  I think this is the most normal part I’ve seen her play.  Geoffrey Rush does really well as Lionel.

The King’s Speech may not appeal to everyone, but it is a very well done, entertaining movie that is worth watching.

I did get a review posted on Epinions.

The King’s Speech


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