Sunday, November 21, 2010


I have liked Bruce Willis for years, so I do tend to check out his new movies.  I first got interested in seeing Red a few months ago when I saw the trailer.

Frank Moses is a retired CIA agent who seems to be having a little trouble fitting in with a normal life.  He only decorates for Christmas once he realizes that all his neighbors have decorations out.  Sarah Ross works for the company that handles his pension and he keeps finding excuses to call her.  Late one night Frank wakes up and discovers that a hit squad is there to kill him.  After handling the men, Frank goes to see Sarah, convinced that she is in danger because of his contact with her.  He basically kidnaps her, though she ends up helping him.  Frank also gets in contact with Joe and Marvin, men he’s worked with before.  They come up with a plan that involves former MI6 agent Victoria. 

Red is based on a short series of comic books.  I haven’t read them, so I don’t know for sure how much has been changed. 

The plot of Red is interesting and it makes for an entertaining movie.  Things do start off a little slow while things are set up, but it really doesn’t take that long for more to start happening.  There are a lot of action scenes in the movie.  Those scenes do go a bit over board, but they are entertaining.  The pace is fairly fast, though things aren’t rushed.  Violence is in several scenes as well, though it isn’t as graphic as it could have been.  I do think there is a good amount of humor, mostly added by things characters say and do.  Marvin adds the most humor.  The man is clearly missing most of his marbles. 

I like the characters in Red and find them to be very entertaining and interesting.  None of them are that developed, but they are interesting.  The cast is wonderful, though Bruce Willis has played similar characters before.  Helen Mirren is wonderful as Victoria.  She does really well as a tough character who is really good at killing people. 

Red is a little over the top, but it is fun and entertaining.  Fans of the cast should give it a chance.

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