Sunday, November 21, 2010

Time After Time

I first saw Time After Time on tv several years ago.  Since I remembered liking the movie, I decided to pick up the DVD when I found it on sale.

H.G. Wells has some friends over, including doctor John Stevenson.  He shows them his new invention, a time machine.  The police arrive because Jack the Ripper just killed someone in the area and they are checking all the houses.  Everyone is shocked when evidence is found that shows that John is the killer.  John disappears and H.G. figures out that John used the time machine.  H.G. was able to follow after him, and he ends up in San Francisco in 1979.  He meets Amy, a woman he develops feelings for and who ends up trying to help him deal with the situation with John.

From what I read about the movie after watching it recently, I learned that Time After Time is sort of based on a book and a short story.  The character of Amy was given the same name as H.G.’s second wife.  While it is clear that the story if fictional, it is interesting that a real person is one of the main characters.  The idea that H.G. would build a time machine and use it is intriguing.

There isn’t much mystery to what is going on in Time After Time since it comes out fairly early that John is Jack the Ripper.  H.G. does struggle to find John in the future and the police are stumped by the murders.  A few women are murdered during the movie, though not much is shown and the movie really isn’t that violent.  There are a few surprises and a little bit of suspense in a few scenes.

The characters don’t receive a lot of development in Time After Time, though I still think they are interesting.  This is one of the few parts I’ve seen Malcolm McDowell play that wasn’t at least somewhat twisted.  I didn’t recognize him at first.

Time After Time is very entertaining and I think it is still worth watching.  The effects are dated looking, though not that bad considering when the movie was made.  Some of what happens is a bit odd, but it makes for an entertaining movie.

I did get a review posted on Epinions.

Time After Time

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