Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DVD Releases 3/23/10 - The Blind Side

I'm know I'm a bit behind with this, but I still wanted to post about.

I saw The Blind Side while it was still in the theater, before there was all the Oscar hype about Sandra Bullock.  I really enjoyed the movie, including Sandra's performance.  I don't really like sports, but I was interested in seeing this movie from the first time I saw a trailer.  Some scenes are a slightly sappy, and some liberties were taken with the true story, but overall it works as a very entertaining movie.  It is definitely worth seeing, especially for fans of Bullock.

I thought that Sandra gave an amazing performance in this movie.  Every year I watch some of the award shows, mainly the Golden Globes and Oscars.  This year, I was very happy to see Sandra win several awards for her wonderful performance.

So far, I haven't added the movie to my DVD collection, though I probably will at some point since I did enjoy it so much.

I did post a review of the movie on Epinions after I saw it in the theater, giving the movie five stars.

The Blind Side

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