Sunday, March 14, 2010

Welcome to Movie Enthusiast Corner

I have been writing reviews on since 2001, mostly about movies, books and television shows on DVD.  I decided to start this blog to go along with the reviews I post on Epinions.  My user name there is dragonfire88.  I use the name Marie Dragonfire on a few other sites as well.

I started a site where I could share the links to all my reviews, arranged by subject.  I thought that would be a more user friendly way for people to find all my reviews.  As I post new reviews on Epinions, I add the links on this site.

Since I'm just starting, I'm not completely sure what all I'll post about yet, but there will be things about movies, television shows and books.  The posts will vary in length, depending on what I'm writing about.  I may write about other things every so often, but I'm sure that I'll mostly be writing about movies, television shows or books.

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