Monday, October 25, 2010

Associated Content

I first heard about Associated Content, a website where people can post articles or reviews about all sorts of things, several years ago.  I did look at the site a bit at that point, but I didn’t join.  I’ve thought about joining off and on over the years.  As part of my effort to expand my writing a bit, I finally decided to go ahead and join Associated Content at the end of September.

I write as Marie Dragonfire as Associated Content.  I am still getting started there, so I only have three articles published at this point, with another waiting to be published.  I had hoped to have more published there by now, but an illness in my family did cut into the time I had for writing this month.  I do have ideas for more things to write about there and I want to get to where I post several new articles there a week.  I’ll probably have to work up to that, especially since I’ll be getting busier in the next several months, but that is my plan.

So far I have posted articles about a few television shows on Associated Content.  I think I will continue to do that.  I like that I can post about individual episodes or the show in general there.  I also want to try to post other entertainment type articles, probably with movies since that is what I am most comfortable writing about.  I may branch out into other things every so often, though I haven’t decided what just yet.  From what I have seen there so far, it does look like it is possible to write on just about anything there which is nice. 

Even though I have decided to join Associated Content and I hope to publish new content there regularly, I am still a member of Epinions - dragonfire88 - and have no plans to stop posting reviews there. 

Feel free to visit my Associated Content page or Epinions page.

Marie Dragonfire at Associated Content
dragonfire88 at Epinions

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