Sunday, October 17, 2010

Naked Heat by Richard Castle

Naked Heat is the second book by Richard Castle featuring the character of Nikki Heat.  This book, along with Heat Wave, are a bit unique because they are closely tied to the tv show Castle.  Richard Castle is actually one of the main characters on the show.  After meeting detective Kate Beckett during an investigation, Rick decides to base a new character on her and gets to tag along on her cases.  So far in the show and real life, two books have been released.

The main characters in Naked Heat and Heat Wave are definitely versions of the characters in Castle and some of the situations from the books have been pulled from the episodes of the show as well.  I love that aspect of the book and think it makes it more entertaining.

Naked Heat picks up a few months after the first book ended.  Nikki and Jameson Rook, the reporter who followed her around to write an article, haven’t seen each other in a while.  Nikki is less than pleased with the article and that is why she ends the relationship they had started.  Nikki starts investigating the murder of a gossip columnist and Jameson is involved because he was working on an article about her.  Jameson convinces Nikki to let him work with her again.  While working on the case, they also deal with their issues.

The main focus of Naked Heat is the murder investigation.  The mystery in the book is interesting even though it could be a tad stronger.  There is a bit of suspense in some scenes and while a few things that happen are predictable, there are surprises as well.  Since the victim isn’t that well liked, there are a lot of suspects at first.  The case ends up a bit more complicated as more things happen. 

Nikki and Jameson are the main characters in Naked Heat.  They are clearly versions of Kate and Rick from Castle.  They are likable, interesting characters and I really enjoy reading about them.  Some of the other characters have also been based on characters from the show.  There isn’t a version of Alexis though.  Several other minor characters turn up over the course of the book through the investigation. 

Naked Heat is a very entertaining book that is worth reading, especially for fans of Castle. 

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Naked Heat

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