Sunday, October 3, 2010

Summer Movies 2010 - July and August

I am continuing to talk briefly about the movies I saw in the theater during the summer of 2010.  This post is about the movies released in July and August that I saw in the theater.

The Last Airbender is based on an animated series that I’ve never seen.  Things do develop a bit slowly, though a lot of what happens is setting up things for more movies.  I enjoyed this one enough to see more of them, though I have no idea if they will made or not since this one didn’t do that great at the box office.  The character development isn’t that great, something that is disappointing.  There are interesting action scenes and some cool looking effects.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is a really fun movie that I loved.  Unfortunately, it didn’t do that good at the box office.  The plot is very entertaining and interesting, and I do think things are left open for a potential sequel..or even a movie franchise.  I have no idea if that will happen though.  I loved all the magic stuff and think the effects are done well, with several of them looking cool.  The characters are interesting even though they could have been developed a bit more.  This is one I definitely plan to add to my movie collection.

Inception is the most original movie I have seen in ages.  It is different, and while I think that is part of what makes it such a wonderful movie, some people aren’t going to like it.  The plot seems simple at first, but things get more complex and things are left in a way that allows the audience to decide for themselves something very important.  The cast is wonderful and the characters are complex and highly interesting.  There are some amazing visuals in the movie, but the movie is dependent on special effects.  Christopher Nolan is an amazing director.  The man is a genius and definitely one of the best directors working.

Salt is a decent action movie staring Angelina Jolie.  The plot is interesting and developed enough, though there are a few things that don’t work as well.  The action scenes are done really well, but a few things go over the top and make things less believable.  The characters are interesting, though there isn’t enough development for most of them.  Fans of Jolie should give this one a chance.

I wasn’t sure about seeing Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, but I’m glad I did.  The best thing about it for me is that there was a new Loony Tunes cartoon before the movie.  I love Loony Tunes, so that made it worth seeing the movie for me.  I saw the first Cats & Dogs and liked it ok, though it wasn’t a favorite.  With this one, there is more focus on the animals and humans don’t do much.  Most of what happens is silly, but the movie ends up being pretty entertaining overall. 

The Other Guys looked like it would be funny, so I wanted to see it even though Will Ferrell can be annoying sometimes.  He was more restrained in this one, though he still has a few annoying moments.  Overall the movie is really funny and definitely worth seeing.  The plot is fairly simple, but it works.  Mark Wahlberg does a great job and show that he can do comedy.

The Expendables is a very entertaining action movie.  Sylvester Stallone is getting a little old for this type of movie, but he still manages to make it work.  The plot isn’t overly complicated and it makes an entertaining movie.  The action is intense at times, especially later in the movie.  Some of it is over the top, but it is cool to see.  The cast works really well together too. 

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