Sunday, January 2, 2011


I’ve been interested in seeing Burlesque for a long time.  It did take me longer than I originally intended to see the movie.

The plot for Burlesque, dealing with a young woman from a tiny town in the middle of nowhere going to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming famous, isn’t the most original.  Despite that, the movie is still very entertaining and I think it is worth watching.  Things are a little different since Ali, the woman with dreams of being famous, is happy performing in The Burlesque Lounge.  She isn’t trying to break into movies or anything like that, though she is determined to get on stage though.  Her determination ends up helping later in the movie as well.

Ali, played by Christina Aguilera, has a beautiful and powerful singing voice.  It makes sense that she would become a popular performer at the club.  Burlesque is a musical, with all the songs being numbers performed at the club.  Characters don’t just break out into song like happens in a lot of other musicals.  The songs are done well and help to make the move more entertaining.  The women do wear some revealing outfits while performing, though they are never naked.  I loved all the singing, but some people may not care for that aspect of the movie.  People who don’t care for musicals may want to pick a different movie.

Most of what happens in Burlesque is tied to the club in some way. There is an attempt to add one or two complications.  The movie isn’t exactly serious, but it really isn’t a comedy either even though there is humor in the movie.  Romance turns up as well without being the main focus.

The characters in Burlesque are interesting, though many of them are rather flat.  Ali receives the most attention.  She is likable and Christina Aguilera does a very good job in the part.  Tess is the woman who owns the club.  She acts tough at times, but she has a nicer side as well.  She is protective of the women who work at the club.  Cher does really well with the part and she also performs a few new songs.  Most of the other characters are the other performers.  Nikki stands out the most because of her attitude, but Kristen Bell is kind of wasted in the part. 

Overall I really enjoyed Burlesque and think it is worth watching.  Cher and Christina Aguilera are wonderful in their parts and there are some great songs in it.

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