Sunday, January 2, 2011


I was interested in seeing Megamind after I first saw the trailers for the movie.  It is a fun entertaining animated movie.  Some theaters did show the movie in 3D.  I did see that version, mainly because that is the one that was showing when I was able to go see the movie.

Megamind lands on Earth when he is sent away from his home planet by his parents when he is eight days old.  The planet is being destroyed.  Another baby leaves a near by planet.  The other baby has a good life and becomes Metro Man when he is older.  Megamind grows up in a prison and it basically Metro Man’s enemy.  After years of facing Metro Man and failing, Megamind comes out on top.  He is happy for a while, but he ends up deciding that he needs someone to face off against and comes up with the idea to create a new hero to battle.  While doing that, he also starts spending time with reporter Roxanne while disguised.

Megamind is a fun, entertaining animated movie that I do think is worth seeing.  The plot is interesting enough, though it isn’t the most original.  There are definite similarities to Superman.  While it would have been nice if the story was more original, the movie is still very entertaining.  Children may end up enjoying the movie more than adults, though there are a few things tossed in for adults to enjoy as well.  The biggest is probably the music.  There is a good amount of humor to what is going on.  Much of the humor comes from how Megamind’s various plots go wrong.

Megamind is an interesting and entertaining character.  It seems like he is intelligent, but he doesn’t manage to accomplish anything with his intelligence.  Things keep going wrong for him.  Even though he is a super villain, he does have a good side and isn’t all bad.  Will Ferrell does fine with the voice of the character.  Metro Man isn’t around as much, so Brad Pitt doesn’t get as much to do.  Roxanne is also an interesting character and Tina Fey’s voice works well for her.

The animation is done well and looks good, though it isn’t as good as what Pixar does.

It would have been nice if Megamind had a more original plot, but the movie is still very fun and entertaining.  I do think it is worth watching and I’ll more than likely add it to my movie collection.

I did get a longer review posted on Epinions after I saw the movie. 



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