Sunday, January 2, 2011


Since I usually like Dwayne Johnson movies, I decided to see Faster.  Based on the previews, I wasn’t expecting a lot from the movie, but I was entertained.

A man gets out of prison and starts killing the people involved with the murder of his brother.  The police investigate the murders and someone hires a hitman to go after the killer.  That is really it for the plot.  The name of the main character and one of the cops is used during the movie, but they are only identified as Driver and Cop in the credits and the hitman is listed as Killer.

The plot for Faster is very, very simple and thin, even for a revenge type movie.  The motivation is shared for why Driver is killing.  He kills several people, but since he is only targeting certain people, I don’t really think of it as a killing spree.  I was entertained by the movie, but it would have been nice if there had been a little more substance to the plot.  A few attempts to add complications by sharing some information about Killer and a bit of backstory for Cop just don’t work that well.  One development was probably intended to be a surprise, but I saw it coming way in advance.

There really isn’t any mystery or suspense to what is going on in Faster, but there is a lot of violence.  It doesn’t take long for Driver to start killing.  The deaths he is responsible for are violent and bloody.  At one point, there is a flashback that shows the murder of his brother, another scene that is violent.  Things aren’t that gory, but they are probably too graphic for some viewers.

Faster has minimal character development, one of the things that makes the story weaker overall.  A little bit of background is shared about Driver, Cop, and Killer, and that is really it.  Most of the characters are rather flat, and not as interesting as they could have been.  The acting is fine, but nothing special.  Dwayne Johnson doesn’t even have that many lines.  He just goes from place to place killing with a ticked off look on his face.

Overall, Faster is a fairly simple movie that does manage to be entertaining.  It isn’t a favorite, but I have seen worse.

I did get a longer review posted on Epinions.


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  1. Its a nicely crafted movie. Its not a great one but good for single watch. I agree with your view point about this movie. Its a simple one but not bad.
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