Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Little Fockers

Even though Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers were popular movies, there wasn’t any reason for a third movie to be made.  I wasn’t surprised when I found out that Little Fockers was coming out though. 

I was ambivalent about seeing Little Fockers.  I liked Meet the Parents all right when I first saw it, but it was much less entertaining to me when I saw it a second time.  It just doesn’t hold up that well.  I haven’t watched it again in years and haven’t wanted to watch it.  Meet the Fockers was somewhat entertaining, but once was plenty for me.  It was just too much of a rehash of the first movie.  Given how I felt about the first two movies, I wasn’t expecting a lot from Little Fockers

It has been six years since Meet the Fockers came out.  There really wasn’t any need to make Little Fockers after so long.  It seems to be more of an attempt to grab cash than anything.  The name is very misleading since the kids - the little Fockers - really don’t do much of anything.  They just turn up briefly in a few scenes and then fade away while all the focus is put on the antics of Jack and Greg again.  If the movie had truly been about the kids, it could have been something a bit different.  Instead, we just have Jack spying on Greg while he acts like a bafoon again.

The plot is paper thin and really nothing interesting happens.  Jack wants Greg to take over as the head of the family.  Jack and Dina arrive for the twins’ birthday and Greg is asked to do some sort of promotion work for an erectile dysfunction drug by a beautiful, but dumb, woman.  The humor is very crude and downright gross at times.  Much of what is done to add humor just falls flat.  Seeing Greg get puked on or Jack going off the deep end just isn’t funny. 

Jack has not evolved as a character in any way since the first movie.  He’s still a control freak who goes way to far with things.  Greg is no better, acting like an idiot when Jack is around.  Pam and Dina are barely in the movie.  It is like they are tossed in just to observe the insanity between Greg and Jack.  Roz and Bernie, Greg’s parents, are barely in the movie, so Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand are horribly under used.  There was no point to them even being in this movie.  Jessica Alba is the main new addition to the cast.  Her character, Andi, is one of the worst characters I’ve seen in a movie in a long time.  She comes across as a sex obsessed dingbat.  It isn’t believable at all that the character is a former nurse. 

Little Fockers has a few amusing moments, but the movie is a huge waste of time overall.  It is pointless and unnecessary.  People should go see True Grit instead.

I did get a review posted on Epinions.

Little Fockers

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  1. Just avoid this movie at any cost. It was terribly bad. I couldn't bear it and left it within the first fifteen minutes.
    Little Fockers 2010