Sunday, January 2, 2011

Harry Potter Film Wizardry

I love the Harry Potter books and movies.  I also enjoy books that are about the making of movies.  I have been watching for one about the Harry Potter movies for years.  When I found Harry Potter Film Wizardry by Brian Sibley, I quickly got it.

Harry Potter Film Wizardry is a little different form other books.  It is the only book I’ve ever bought that was come wrapped in shrink wrap.  Something else that makes the book different is the fact that it includes replicas of different props from the Harry Potter movies.  It does have a higher list price, but I was able to get it for about half off by ordering it online, so I do suggest comparing prices.

Harry Potter Film Wizardry shares information about the making of the Harry Potter movies up through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 as well as sharing a little general information about the plots of the movies.  The last few pages have pictures of a few things from the last movie without any details being shared.  There aren’t technically plot summaries in the book, though certain things are mentioned that will be spoilers for people who haven’t seen the movies or read the books.  The information is shared mostly in order, though a few things are briefly mentioned out of order.  The organization could have been slightly better, but the book is still very entertaining and worth picking up for fans of the series.

There are several replicas of various props in Harry Potter Film Wizardry.  I have several books tied to the making of movies, but this is the only one that has props.  I love the prop replicas.  They are included in the book where the object is being discussed.  The replicas look like the different things from the movie.  Most of them are in a sort of clear envelope that protects them.  Some of the items include the letter that Harry receives about going to Hogwarts in the first movie, some of the educational decrees, a flyer from the Quidditch World Cup, and a sales flyer from the store that Fred and George open.  Some of the items were only briefly seen in the various movies, but they are incredibly detailed.  I love the prop replicas.

Harry Potter Film Wizardry has all sorts of information about the movies.  The book is really aimed at people who are fans of the movies.  There are sections for each of the movies, which helps the organization.  A few items aren’t brought up until later for some reason.  There are illustrations throughout the book tied to different things as well as pictures taken during filming and pictures that look like they were pulled from the movies.

Overall Harry Potter Film Wizardry is a wonderful book for fans of Harry Potter.  It is definitely worth getting for fans Potter fans.

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Harry Potter Film Wizardry

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